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Grand Isle Buildings


Arthur Cyr's Farm - Late 1930s
Crop duster plane came in too low...

Arthur G. Cyr's House
Brother of Pierre A. Cyr of Lille
(where Lionel "Pete" Dionne's barn is today 2009 - Pine St.)

The crop duster plane came in too low and the compression of air created by the plane tore the roof off the shed and landed on the car (below).

Arthur Cyr's House in background.
    Notice the large dent in the car caused by the shed roof.

Andre Cyr at Edmond Chasse's ice skating rink behind Jean Beaupre

Andre took over and moved the shack and rink behind the fire station.

Old meat market owner Deschamp, then Michel Soucy a Dalvas S. & Emelie Dechene, Alphonse Beaudry (raised by Soucy family).

Thomas Chasse's house flooded, behind Fred Beaulieu's house.
Elmo Beaulieu in canoe.

Moving Thomas Chasse's house with 5 teams of horses, 1 Oliver tractor and 1 McCormick-Deering tractor on steel wheels. They are almost at creamery street below where Grand Isle Estates - 1930s

This is almost the same picture as above but in this one you can see the top of the school (just above the horses).

This picture was taken from the steeple of St. Gerard - Mt. Carmel Catholic church, looking towards Lille - early 1930s. Check out the picture just below taken in 1935.

1935 - L to R: Lincoln school - Thaddee A. Lausier/Alan Morneault - Boarding house - Bert Lavasseur - Ken Beaulieu - Mark Deschaine, B & A (Bangor and Aroostook) Outhouse, B & A Railroad station. Foreground (dark building) Patrick Doucette/Velma Fortin, Lavite Plourde, Reid Doucette, Belonie Beaulieu, Florent Soucy/Post Office.

Here is a picture taken in the summer of 2011. The grey house in this picture is the dark on in the picture above. See how the trees have grown since the 30s.

Here are the same buildings (late 1930s) as in the 2011 photo above.
Check out how short the utility poles are in front of the houses, but they are still in the same spot today.

This (postcard) photo was taken about 1920 (about the same place as the 1911 photo below). Notice on left: Florent Sanfacon store has corrugated steel outside walls and front is square western style. The house next door was moved and became Bill and Carl Morrow's house next to Phillip Beaupre.

This is Main street, Grand Isle in 1911, standing about where Frenchie's store is today (2012), looking down U.S. Rt. 1 west toward St. David.

As of 2010 - R to L:

1st house: Fred Corbin, now Gordon Soucy's empty lot on B&A Siding Street
2nd house: Donat Corbin home, now David and Nora Picard Hebert's home
3rd house: Lunch room - Guy Beaulieu (Renter) in front - behind it was Maine Potato Growers (MPG) potato house, then Florent Sanfacon potato house. This complex was where the new post office is today, north of Traveses street, U.S. Customs house was on the south side of Traverse street and is now the Grivois home. No Florent Soucy was where the post office was then, then Cyrille Beaulieu and now June Dionne post office next to Belonie Beaulieu house, Camille Beaulieu and Clothilde, now Dean Madore house trailer, next Ried Doucette house visible - Gordon and Ken Soucy were born there. Left: Florent Sanfacon old store-farm (wagon truck in front). Levite Corbin Restaurant house at north side of Creamerie street and corner of U.S. Rt. I. Dr. Dusault house being built with scaffolds around, then became Dr. Faucher's house and office, then Joseph Bouley, then Bruce Bouley and now Dave Corbin.
Large building facing was P.A. Thibodeau potato house, then G.G. Vermette and now Gerald & Angella Soucy's house lot.

This is the back of the postcard

Postcard postmarked July 31, 1911 - It was written by Marie Morneault Morrow (Bill) to her sister, Alma Morneault in Van Buren, ME c/o: Joe E. Martin (no zip code). She is asking Alma to bring 3 boxes of jar rubbers for canning. Also asking about her other sister, Agnes who apparently was there too.

Sanfacon Complex - no maple trees
Thomas Thibodeau Home (left)
Then Joel Gendreau's house
now empty (2012)

Denis Sirois & Flavie Dumont home
(now son Albert Sirois & Catherine Cyr)

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